Avalon is the project of Chicana producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer/songwriter Avalon Lurks. Unpredictable live shows, a ercely DIY ethic and eclectic musical output have garnered Avalon a cult fan base around her hometown of Santa Ana, Orange County and her new home in LA, as well as an ever-growing loyal following online.

Self-taught, Avalon proudly continues in the lineage of women in music who take full control of their work by writing, performing, and recording all her songs, as well as directing videos and creating concepts for live performances and photoshoots.

She works in various sonic environments employing lush synth atmospheres, lo- bedroom rap beats, avant-pop songwriting, and experimental sampling to create a unique trip- pop universe that evokes feelings of nostalgia, youthful somethings, suburban restlessness

After only ever self-releasing music via Bandcamp/Soundcloud, sometimes for only days at a time, she’s now poised for her rst o cial single release/double A side with Metropolitan Indian titled Deadbeat Boy b/w Downhill Together

Avalon was recently featured on trip-hop legend Tricky’s new album playing guitar and singing her version of Hole’s Doll Parts. She also composed an original long-form work for runway show by LA brand Del Hacienda titled Niño/Muñeca. 

 ...upholding this individualistic and DIY ethic— and in doing so, demonstrates her potential to up the ranks as one of the baddest in the new batch of pop music bitches.”

— from the Deadbeat Boy single premiere on OFFICE



Deadbeat Boy : 7" single

Deadbeat Boy: 7" single